JAZ's Mystara Campaign (Basic D&D)

Adventure 3

The Burning Plague

Abu Ibn Ali, while meditating in the morning, got a vision from Al-Kalim. Al-Kalim told him that he needed to go to Duvik’s Pass and help those in need. Abu gets Silver Moon but they need some more help so they hire a dwarf off a caravan that had pulled in that morning. His name was Garth Anvilbottom. Together the three of them travel a few hours down the road to the mining town of Duvik’s Pass. There they see a virtual ghost town. As they are walking through town Ekram, an acolyte of Al-Kalim comes up to them saying Al-Kalim had answered his prays by sending them to help. Many of the townsfolk had fallen ill with a plague and many of the miners had not returned from the mine in the last few days. The team head to the mine and find it infested with kobolds. But the kobolds were not the only dangers in the mines, a Orc shaman of Alphak had contaminated the spring that fed the village well and animated the dead miners into zombies. The characters cleared the mine out and removed the blight from the waters saving the village.

XP Award for this adventure: x/player

Silver Moon (Darel)
Abu Ibn Ali (Rich)
Garth Anvilbottom (Josh)


JAZ1976 JAZ1976

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