JAZ's Mystara Campaign (Basic D&D)

Adventure 2

Rescue the Blacksmiths Daughter

Abu Ibn Ali and Bakbu ride into Dar el-Tamyya from Parsa. Abu was sent by the Imam of Parsa to extend Al-Kalim’s gratitude for helping out Dar el-Tamyya. They find Silver Moon in the Spitting Camel enjoying the atmosphere. As Abu and Bakbu introduce themselves, Omar the bkacksmith rushes in yelling that goblins kidnapped his daughter Alya and took her into the hills. The characters follow and come to an ancient tome. They battle goblins and skeletons within and eventually rescue Alya and bring her safely home.

XP Award for this adventure: x/player

Silver Moon (Darel)
Abu Ibn Ali (Rich)
Bakbu (Steve)


JAZ1976 JAZ1976

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