JAZ's Mystara Campaign (Basic D&D)

Adventure 4 (pt 1)

Idylls of the Rat King

While travelling from Dar el-Tamyya to Parsa the party comes across a couple of broken and battered wagons. When they investigate the wagons they see several bodies, presumably those of the caravan riders. The wagons have the symbol of the mining guild of Parsa. After looking things over a little more they notice goblin tracks leading off into the nearby hills. The party decides to go after the goblins.

After about 30 minutes of tracking the party comes to the entrance to an old abandoned mine. They go in with 2 of their retainers, leaving the other 2 outside to tend to the camels and horses. From there the team moved into the mine and come to a dead end still within site of the entrance. Silver Moon searched and found a secret door and the party proceeded. While in the mine the party fought many goblins and a few giant rats. They also found the crates of ore that were on the wagons of the Parsa mining guild. They also had a goblin prisoner that had told the characters that his leader was a shape-changer. At that point the party decided to leave the mine and take what they found and head to Parsa.

Once the party got to Parsa, Abu went to see his uncle Sheik ibn Fadi. The Sheik was disappointed to see Abu, but after listening to what he had to report, the Sheik tells Hamdi the Vizier to resupply the characters and set them up for the night. The Sheik also says that there will be a feast later that night.

The party then headed over to the mosque so Abu could also report to the Imam about the good work he has been doing in the name of Al-Kalim.

XP Award for this adventure: x/player

Silver Moon (Darel)
Abu Ibn Ali (Rich)
Garth Anvilbottom (Josh)


JAZ1976 JAZ1976

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