JAZ's Mystara Campaign (Basic D&D)

Adventure 4 (pt 2)

Idylls of the Rat King

After visiting the Imam the party headed back to the Sheiks home to a feast in their honor, where Abu told tales of there adventure. The next day the party headed back to the silver mine to delve deeper in. When they dropped down into the second level of the mine the party was confronted with a large force of goblins ready for their assault, but with some good planning Silvermoon was able to sleep most of the goblins and the party made short work of the rest.
Confidently the party moved further into the dungeon but the next group of goblins proved to be a challenge for them. After killing 6 out of the 8 goblins the party almost lost Farooq but Abu was able to give him a healing potion that brought him back from the edge of death. Seeing only 2 goblins left Nazeer and Silvermoon move in. Nazeer was badly injured and had to withdraw. Silvermoon pressed the attack but was killed by a very skilled goblin. Garth was able to kill the last 2 goblins but by that time Silvermoon had died. Seeing that Nazeer was also chose to death the party took Silvermoons body and headed out of the mine and back to Parsa.


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