JAZ's Mystara Campaign (Basic D&D)

Adventure 1

The Jade Hare

Axebeard, Silver Moon, and Fred pull into the town of Dar el-Tamyya after seeing the caravan that they where protecting safely to the caravan field near the warehouse district of town. They hit the Spitting Camel for some drinks to wash down the dust of the road when a man comes in looking for help. From what he tells them the idol that protects the towns water supply was stolen by a band of goblins. The goblins work for a magic user named Abu-Ghabar. Abu-Ghabar uses them to waylay caravans headed to and from Dar el-Tamyya and Parsa. They are told about where Abu-Ghabar and his goblins live by Yusif the general store owner. The party heads out to get the Jade Hare back. On there return one of their number has fallen in battle, Axebeard. They did recover the Jade Hare but Abu-Ghabar got away.

XP Award for this adventure: x/player

Axebeard (Rich)
Silver Moon (Darel)
Fred (Fred)


JAZ1976 JAZ1976

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